Water Challenges

In Israel the most precious commodity is water and it is at risk. Find out how you can help.

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Evelyn Galman Spritz

Chair, National Products CommitteeEvelyn

Evelyn Spritz has served on the board of Jewish National Fund in Philadelphia since 1991. She was president of the Philadelphia regional board, the Eastern Pennsylvania board and now serves as president of the National Products Committee.

She went to Israel in February of l992 to observe first-hand the prolonged drought that was devastating the land, arriving instead during the heaviest snowfall in Jerusalem in a century. This experience during a brief five days of traveling throughout the land touched her soul so much it awakened the latent Zionism in her. Being also a fervent environmentalist, she was an instant convert to the works of JNF in the myriad ways they affect the daily lives of so many Israelis. Evelyn is also a board member of The Wilma Theater of Philadelphia, which produces avant-garde plays and contemporary classics.

A resident of Society Hill in Center City, Philadelphia, Evelyn was born and raised in Philadelphia. She has worked for nearly 50 years at Blank Rome, a major Philadelphia law firm, rising to the position of CFO/Comptroller. Evelyn attempted to retire several years ago but continues to work part time at the firm as Financial Administrator.

In addition to her devotion to her three children and four grandchildren, Evelyn has studied French language and literature all her life in the vain hope of someday speaking like a native Parisian, and she has a great appreciation of classical music and jazz, as well as art, theater, cooking, gardening, and travel.

To book a Makor member please contact Joel L. Leibowitz (Northeast Zone Director, Director of Makor) at 973-593-0095 or jleibowitz@jnf.org.

If you're interested in becoming a member of Makor, please fill out this application.


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