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Dr. Judith Edelman


 Judith (Judi) Edelman fell head over heels in love with Israel in 2008 while participating in a volunteer experience. For several weeks, Judi “served” in the IDF, living and working among the young men and women of the Israeli  army as part of a Sar El (Volunteers for Israel) mission.  Along with soldiers and other volunteers, she took part in the JNF Clean Up the World Campaign, 2008. The IDF / JNF experiences were largely responsible for the extraordinary bond that was to form between Judi and the land of her ancestors.
 Since that trip, Judi has made Israel and her people a priority in life. Taking as much as 6 months at a time out of her busy life in South Florida, Judi has lived and volunteered among the people of Israel. During her extensive travels throughout the country, she has seen firsthand the work JNF has accomplished over the years. Having spent considerable time in Israel over the past few years, Judi believes she is witness to the ongoing success of Theodor Herzl’s dream.  She is passionate about Israel and the work of JNF.  Judi fervently believes that JNF is not merely FOR Israel, but that JNF IS Israel. “JNF is the backbone, the infrastructure”.
Dr. Edelman holds a doctorate in counseling from the University of Florida and has been actively involved in private practice in the Orlando area as well as South Florida. She has sat on numerous professional boards and has worked diligently on both local and state levels as a mental health advocate.

At home in Weston, Judi takes part in several Jewish and civic organizations. She is a member of Temple Dor Dorim in Weston and serves on the Israel Solidarity Committee. Judi is a member of the JNF Broward County Board of Directors as well as the JNF Broward Women’s Alliance for Israel. Judi is the mother of two adult children and is the proud grandmother of  four.

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