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Micah Halpern

Expert on Terrorism, the Middle East and Muslim Fundamentalism

Travels from New York, New York

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Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs, Anti-Terrorism and Security, Media and Current Events


His voice is recognized by listeners to talk radio across America and to his weekly feature, A Safer World, on USA Radio Network and to CBS Network where he is a featured contributing terrorism analyst. His face is familiar to viewers on CBS, FOX, MSNBC and to those who watch documentaries on PBS, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, Discovery and the Food Network. Following 9-11 he was the CBS-2 commentator on terror. On 9-11, 2003 he was the guest expert on ABC's The View. He is the author of What You Need To Know About: Terror (Toby Press, 2003), an accessible book that clearly and succinctly answers the questions we are afraid to ask. Micah's latest book is THUGS (Thomas Nelson), published in August, 2007.

Halpern, a syndicated columnist, is also a well-known social and political commentator, educator, and historian. In 1997, Micah Halpern was appointed Israel columnist for America Online and continues, until today, to write a weekly, now syndicated, column on foreign affairs, the Middle East and terror.

Micah's weekly column is read by hundreds of thousands if not millions on the Internet and in papers and websites around the world from the American Enterprise Institute to His weekly radio spot is featured on 28 radio stations nationally on the USA Radio Network.

An expert on terrorism, Halpern has been invited for consultations in the White House with terror analysts and has addressed conferences sponsored by the Justice Department. He has also contributed religious commentary for CNN and ABC television.

Micah was a lecturer at Yale University and also taught at Brandeis University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Halpern continues to lecture to student groups.

For fun, Micah Halpern writes a column on kosher wines. He is the only exclusively kosher wine reviewer in the world. His essay on the Kosher Wine Revolution is published in Food Arts magazine. A native of Annapolis, Maryland, Micah Halpern resides in New York City.

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    • Palestinian Propaganda vs. Israeli PR
  • Israel
    • Jewish State or State of Jews?
    • The Peace Process: Hopes & Failures
    • Making Sense of the Muddy Middle East
  • General
    • The Kosher Wine Revolution
    • Middle East Humor Political Commentary
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    • Stop, Watch, Listen: Keeping Your Corporation Safe in Unsafe Times
    • What You Need To Know To Keep Your Corporation Terror Free
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    • Keeping It Safe: Doing Business on Foreign Soil
    • Downsizing Danger: Minimizing the Threat of Terror
    • The Bottom Line on Terror
    • Why Your Company is The Ideal Target for Terror
    • Managing Your Portfolio Against Terror

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