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Michal Shiloach Galnoor

CEO, Western Galilee Now

Travels from Israel

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Michal Shiloah Galnoor, the CEO of Western Galilee Now, was born (fifth generation!) in Jerusalem.

Her parents, like their parents, were civil servants, so Michal spent a great deal of her childhood in different places in Israel (Jerusalem, Ra'anana and more) and abroad (Germany, Italy and England).

Michal has a B.A in International Affairs from Hebrew University, and also degrees in public relations and nutrition. Her CV includes owning a fashion boutique in Ramat Hasharon, five years at Motorola Israel as an assistant to the CEO and spokeswoman, running her own successful PR and marketing business and more.

In 2006, she met Shahar - a documentary film director and cinematography teacher who moved to the Galilee from Jerusalem, and moved from Tel Aviv to the eco-community Klil in the Western Galilee. Michal and Shahar are the proud parents of 5 years old Maayan-Chiara.

In 2011, Michal was approached by a group of local tour guides and business owners, who asked her to help them promote tourism in the Western Galilee together. She fell in love both with the people and the idea, and eventually became the CEO of Western Galilee now.

About three years ago, she met JNF-USA representatives for the first time, and today Western Galilee Now is a proud partner of JNF's.

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