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Noa Gefen

Executive Vice-Chairman of the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites

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Noa Gefen has joined the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites as Executive Vice-Chairman on January 2011.

Gefen has wide experience in the areas of Training, Human Resource Management and Leadership Development.

Prior to joining Society for Preservation, Gefen worked as independent consultant.
Previously, Gefen was director of the Management Program for Emerging Companies (MPEC) at TIM Global.

Before that, Gefen was the Training and Development manager at Bar Group, the leading Israeli logistic company, where she was responsible for the training of hundreds of managers and employees. Between the years 2001-2002 Gefen was a training manager at Stanford University, where she played a key role in developing the leadership competency model for university officials.

Gefen holds an M.A in Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and a B.A. in Social Work from Tel Aviv University
Gefen is the daughter of late Yehuda Dekel, one of SPIHS' founder and an esteemed leader of the State of Israel, who devoted most of his life for the development of the Negev. During last 10 years Yehuda Dekel devoted himself to memorialize the battle, and the bravery of those who fought during 1948 in Nabbi Yusha (the fortress adjacent to Ramot Naftali, overlooking the Hula Valley.

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