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Pnina Becher

Travels from Arizona

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Steinway artist Pnina Becher was born to American parents in a small village, Moshav Beit Herut, in Israel and is the product of a generation of pioneers.

Dubbed a prodigy early in her childhood, Pnina Becher went on to win medals and scholarships in prestigious piano competitions throughout Israel. Her love for music stretched to vocals as well, and so Pnina was a member of the Efroni Choir, with whom she performed with in and out of Israel for many years. When the time came, Pnina served in the Israeli Army, just as all other eighteen year olds in the country do. Yet even after a two-year break for military service, Pnina returned to her beloved music world.

She entered the Tel Aviv Academy of Music, studying with Emanuel Krasovsky. Yet as it so often does, life came knocking at Pnina’s door, when she married in the eighties, and moved to New York. She made the decision to take a hiatus from playing the piano, during which she built with her husband a family whom she raised in New York.

After the eighteen-year break, and a move to Scottsdale, Arizona, Pnina whirled back into her music, making a grand return with performances in the United States, Europe, Israel, Australia.

All three of her studio albums, recordings of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations, and the works of Scarlatti, Chopin and Debussy, were released to much critical acclaim.

An artist whose technical skill is only matched by her passion for the craft, Pnina Becher is the unique musician who brings her own creative sensibilities to the classic works of the masters. True to her origins, Pnina is a pioneer of taste and talent. Only time will tell where her artistry will lead her.

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