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Robert Cait

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Robert Cait’s brilliant Jewish stand-up comedy has earned him the prestigious title: “George Carlin with a kippah.” With one wonderful exception: Robert works “Kosher-Clean!”

His hilarious stand-up has kept audience’s rolling from “The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival” in Montreal to the “Howard Stern Show” in New York, to "Dennis Miller Live" in Las Vegas and in theaters from coast to coast.

From the unaffordable, high cost of Jewish education, to what makes Israelis tick, to bizarre holiday foods, Robert connects with Jewish audiences at their deepest and most hysterical levels. His act is sprinkled with Hebrew and Yiddish (he’s fluent in both!) making him one of the most unique and sought after Jewish comedians performing today.

Now living and thriving in Los Angeles, Cait’s remarkable voice talents have landed him in countless films, television series and recognizable commercials such as the voice of "Duke the Dog" for Bush’s Baked Beans, Boris Badenov for DreamWorks’ “Bullwinkle” cartoons, Norm the Genie for Nickelodeon’s "Fairly Odd Parents", Colossus from "X-Men" and more.

His stand-up is clean enough for his own Bubbie to watch, while still connecting to a wide demographic. He has been lauded by critics for his comedy on MTV, A&E and Comedy Central and has been in several films honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. From the Oscar® winning Best Feature Documentary "A Long Way Home" to the DreamWorks Oscar® nominated Best Animated feature "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron", he has impressed producers with his wide interpretive range.

Now, Cait seeks to take his unique ability to engage both secular and religiously affiliated audience members with his modern and topical humor to the next level…with a tour around the English-speaking Jewish world!

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