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Ronnie Pukatch Porat

JNF Israel Emissary, Atlanta

Travels from Atlanta, GA

Availability: Contact JNF Speakers Bureau for availability.


JNF's Work in Israel, Positively Israel


Ronnie Porat, Israel Special Emissary, Southern & Florida Zones at Jewish National Fund, has served both in the IDF and in the Israeli Foreign Service.  In recent years, he has become a top Israeli military expert in Israeli Arab affairs.  

Between 1991 and 1994, Ronnie served as the Israeli Consul in Cairo, Egypt and was heavily involved in the Israeli Palestinian Oslo Peace process.  In December 1994, he became a member of the advanced team that established and opened the Israeli Embassy in Amman and was the first Consul in Jordan.

Ronnie received a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Copjuter Sciences from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv.  He and his wife, Tuti, a business consultant to Israeli Non Profit Cultural Organizations have three children.  His eldest daughter, Shira, worked as the executive assistant to Ambassador of Israel in Washington, DC and now interns at Teve Pharmaceutical Legal Department, Israel.  His middle son, Omri, has recently been discharged from the IDF and studies at IDC.  Noa, his youngest, was recently drafted to the Israeli Air Force after graduating at the Weber Jewish High School in Atlanta.

is Jewish National Fund’s Israel Emissary to Atlanta.  Prior to joining JNF, he served in the intelligence and operations branch of the Israel Defense Forces, conducting research on Egyptian-Israeli military history.  He also has experience working for PR Israeli/Arab Business Consultants and Koor Peace Enterprises, Ltd., where he led business initiatives between Israel and Arab companies in Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority. 

Porat has worked for the Israeli Embassy in a variety of countries, including Finland, Norway, Egypt, and Jordan.  As consul and head of administration, he helped establish the Embassy of Israel in Amman and set up the first contacts for agricultural cooperation to cultivate the desert near the Israeli-Jordanian border.  As consul and head of administration for the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, Porat provided logistical support for all Israeli activities in Egypt, including the Oslo Process.  He also served as department head of the human resources division at the Ministry of Foreign affairs. 

A graduate of Bar Ilan University with a BA in economics and computer science, Porat served in the Israel Defense Forces from 1976-1987. 

Download a prepared introduction for Ronnie Pukatch Porat ronnie-porat.doc


Makor (Hebrew for “source”) is a specially-trained cadre of highly-involved Jewish National Fund volunteers. Our primary role is to support the core functions of JNF by direct fundraising. Thus, we identify prospective donors, conduct direct solicitations in our own communities and around the United States and assist in educating the public about the JNF and its projects.

Makor also serves as a source for lay leadership. We are leaders in our own communities, and provide training and inspiration for other community leaders on solicitation techniques, board development and outreach and on the work of the JNF. Makor members also assume JNF leadership positions on a national level.

We are proud leaders who are committed to the mission of the JNF, the caretaker of the land of Israel forever. In addition, Makor is a source of innovation within the JNF. Our diverse backgrounds, coupled with our common commitment, foster a free-flow of ideas to keep JNF as relevant and productive as possible.

Makor members travel to Israel each year to study JNF projects and programs in depth, and bring their insights and experiences to you. Members speak at no charge.


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