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Russell Robinson

JNF Chief Executive Officer

Travels from New Jersey

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JNF's Work in Israel, Positively Israel


Russell F. Robinson became Jewish National Fund’s Chief Executive Officer in September 1997, the youngest CEO in its then almost 100-year history.

Mr. Robinson has spent most of his professional life as a dedicated leader for the Jewish people.  He was raised in El Paso, Texas, where he started his career in private industry. He made a decision to sell his business and dedicated himself to public life, serving as Director at the local Jewish Community Center and spearheaded a movement to include Holocaust studies in the public schools.  He traveled to Eastern Europe and visited refuseniks in the Soviet Union and organized marches for the freedom of Jews to immigrate to Israel.  He led a campaign against poverty in Israel raising over 35 million dollars to transform depressed neighborhoods throughout Israel. 

Under his leadership, JNF has been instrumental in developing successful programs for Israel's water crisis, community development, environmental work, and the sustainable development of the Negev, all of which play a significant role in the quality of life of all Israelis.  Under his direction, JNF has become one of the most recognized non-profits for its work, business management, financial integrity and volunteer involvement.     

Mr. Robinson traces his American family heritage as far back as the 1700’s, when his was the first Jewish family to settle in Virginia. Today he resides in New Jersey with his wife Marci and two children, Sam and Alyssa.

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