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Sharyn Spillman

JNF Makor Member

Travels from Scottsdale, AZ

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JNF's Work in Israel, Positively Israel


Sharyn Spillman grew up with a strong sense of supporting Judaism wherever needed, but it wasn’t until the spring of 2007 her passion for Israel was uncovered when she heard Russell Robinson, JNF CEO, and Marc Kelman, a fellow Phoenician, speak. When Marc told the emotional story of the S.S. St. Louis with passion and purpose, she was brought to tears.  At that moment, Sharyn wrote a check to JNF on the spot. She understood that she would now do everything in her power to make sure that the Jewish people all over this world would have a homeland.

The following October Sharyn joined the Arizona Region Mission to Israel. Visiting Israel for the first time since 1977 was a heartfelt eye opener and seeing the accomplishments of JNF, and the Be’er Sheva River Walk in particular, gave her a sense of personal involvement, even though she lives in Arizona. During that mission she was asked to join the Board and immediately accepted; she also made the commitment to become a Sapphire on that trip.

When Sharyn returned from the 2007 JNF Mission she was asked to speak at the Tree of LifeTM dinner, and found herself speaking easily from her heart about her experiences. In 2009 upon returning from the Queen of Sheba Mission she spoke at the Annual JNF Breakfast on one of her favorite subjects, Aleh Negev, relating the small and large miracles they have accomplished there.

She became a member of the executive committee during her second year on the board and served as campaign chair during two very difficult economic years. This all came about with the help of Ted Kort, the executive director, and one of the hardest-working and involved boards in the country making budget both years. Currently, Sharyn is Vice President – Events  on the Arizona Region Board of Directors.

Sharyn lives in Scottsdale, has a daughter and two beautiful grandsons.

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