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Stephen Spector

Published Author and Expert on Jewish/Christian Relations

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Academic Perspectives on Israel and Jewish History


Stephen Spector did his Ph.D. at Yale and is a professor of English at Stony Brook University. He spent many years working with Christian religious literature and the relationship between Christians and Jews, publishing numerous books and articles on these subjects. One of the favorite courses he teaches called "Christians and Jews," draws on this research. It examines the Bible and Holocaust texts, asking modest questions like Who is God, What does it mean to be Jewish, and What does it mean to be Christian? His work has been awarded several fellowships and grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and other sources, and prizes from the Medieval Academy of America and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. He has been a Visiting Professor at Hebrew University and a Research Fellow at Wesleyan University and the National Humanities Center.

Professor Spector is an accomplished author and has written a book called, Operation Solomon: The Daring Rescue of the Ethiopian Jews, which represents a departure for him. It tells the untold story of the Ethiopian Jews’ exodus to Israel and the suffering and degradation that they endured along the way. It reconstructs the international politics and secret dealings that led to their deliverance, and the obstacles and setbacks that nearly aborted it. And, for the first time, it tells the full story of Operation Solomon itself; the massive, majestic, and astonishingly swift Israeli airlift of 14,310 Ethiopian Jews to Israel in less than a day and half in May of 1991. This book is based on over 200 interviews and on previously confidential and classified documents.

Professor Spector’s most recent book is Evangelicals and Israel: The Story of American Christian Zionism. The widespread belief is that they support Israel only in order to get every Jew to go there, where they will convert or be slaughtered at Armageddon.  Meanwhile, believing Christians, having been raptured into the clouds with Christ, will watch safely.  This perception of Evangelical Zionists is a distortion.  The best estimate is that nine out of ten Evangelicals don’t believe this notion.  Most have never heard of it.  And yet, born-again Christians support Israel more warmly than any other group does, aside from Jews.  Professor Spector’s original interviews with 100 evangelicals, American government officers and Jewish leaders, and Israeli officials, along with other research, reveal the range of other motivations

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