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Talia Tzour Avner

Chief Israel Emissary, KKL-JNF

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Talia Tzour Avner is the Chief Israel Emissary for KKL-JNF and has been with KKL-JNF for the last 25 years.

Talia is a Sabra—born and raised in Jerusalem to a Zionist family who made alyiah to Israel from all over the world, and partook in the building and the establishment of the State of Israel.

Talia spent her army years as a member of the Nachal Brigade and during the course of her service helped found a new community in the Galil, one that still stands today.

She earned her academic degrees in International Relations, Sociology, and Business Management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In her professional life, Talia has continued the Zionist heritage of her family at KKL-JNF, a leading organization, responsible for building and the developing the modern State of Israel.

Talia has climbed the organizational ladder and served in a long line of prominent roles, all dealing with fundraising and public relations for the State of Israel.

In the last decade, Talia has served as an emissary in the U.S, and recently she was appointed as the Chief Israel Emissary, a position in which she dedicates herself to building and developing a strong support for Israel in the U.S—both ideologically and monetarily.

Talia is married to Dani and a mother of Hadar, 26, and Liron, 23.

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