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Yoel Rosby

JNF Ammunition Hill Liaison

Travels from Israel

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Environmental and Sustainability Issues, Middle Eastern and Foreign Affairs, Inside Israel and US Government, Academic Perspectives on Israel and Jewish History, JNF's Work in Israel, Anti-Terrorism and Security, Positively Israel, Media and Current Events


Mirroring his 4 older brothers that served in the IDF, Yoel moved to Israel from Chicago in 1998 to follow in his family’s footsteps and serve our nation’s homeland. Yoel served in the IDF as a sniper in an elite Search and Rescue Unit and was cited for special excellence in combat.  He was discharged with honors, having earned the rank of Commander, and is currently an active reservist.


After being discharged from service, Yoel studied at Bar Ilan University, earning a BA in Economics & Political Science and an MBA. Yet after a short period in the Finance world, Yoel once again followed his family’s heritage in serving his nation. He comes from a long line of serviceman. His great-uncle served in the German army in World War I, 2 of his grandparents served in the US army in World War II, and his 4 older brothers served the IDF. It only made sense to continue his service on Ammunition Hill with the JNF.


Yoel currently resides near Jerusalem with his wife Yehudit who is originally from Queens, NY. In his spare time, he is the regional commander of his local medic volunteer core and is on a joint task force with the Police, EMS and Search & Rescue response teams.


Yoel sees it as his mission to take part in ensuring that Jerusalem remains our eternal capital. He is eager to discuss current events and ongoing projects, all in the name of strengthening our awareness of our heritage and the growth of the people and the land of Israel.

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