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Yuval Yekutieli

Researcher and Professor

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Academic Perspectives on Israel and Jewish History


Yuval Yekutieli is a senior lecturer at the Department of Bible, Archaeology and the Ancient Near East at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev (Beer-Sheva, Israel), and in 2008-9 was a visiting research scholar at NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW).

Yuval lives in the Negev (currently in Arad) since 1984 when he began his studies at Ben-Gurion University. His research is focused on the archaeology of southern Israel and its neighboring regions. In his MA and PhD theses and related works, he studied archaeological issues in the northwestern Negev and North Sinai, and has now shifted the focus of his research to the Arava - Dead Sea Rift Valley. One of his tasks on behalf of the BGU archaeology department is to serve as the archaeology consultant of Timna Park.

The themes Yuval deals with encompass issues such as ancient colonialism, the archaeology of slavery and bonded labor, proto-urbanism, arid-zones archaeology, ancient pastoralism, landscape archaeology, operation of power in antiquity, and international relations during the Southern Levantine Bronze Ages (3,600 – 1,200 BC).

His fieldwork is conducted in Israel. Current undertakings are a three-year project studying the Early Bronze Age activity around the Dead Sea, and another three-year project which deals with the miners' social landscape at the Timna copper mines during the late New Kingdom period (ca. 1,400 – 1,100 BC). Both projects involve archaeological surveys, excavations, intense laboratory work, GIS applications, and active participation of advanced research students in the research process.

Other smaller scale archaeological undertakings include ancient rock-art conservation project in the Timna valley; archaeo-metallurgical studies in the Arava Rift Valley; publication of contract archaeology projects he co-directed, and the preparation of a monograph dealing with the Egyptian colonization of Canaan in the beginning of the Early Bronze Age.

Yuval has taught at Ben-Gurion University for almost twenty years. The courses he teaches deal with various aspects of Near Eastern archaeology and history as well as archaeological method and theory. They comprise of class instruction, leading study tours in Israel and in its neighboring countries (Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey), conducting experimental archaeology lessons (e.g. construction of an ancient Tel followed by its excavation), and carrying out study surveys and excavations.  

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