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San Diego Love of Israel Brunch

San Diego Love of Israel Brunch on Sunday, May 1, 2016

Thank you to our table captains:

Adat Yeshurun • AIPAC • Beth Am • Diane Benaroya • Jason Bercovitch • David Bramzon • Steven Brumer • Marti Eisenberg 

Beth El • Emanu-El • Dr. Charles & Myra Chack Fleischer • Bruce Greenhaus Rita Heller • Moishe House 

Beth Israel • Jewish Federation of San Diego County • Stacey Kasendorf • Ron Kaufmann • Marci Laulom 

Judith & Jack Lief • Dr. Sol & Lauren Lizerbram • Dr. Frances Lobman Allison Madwatkins • Brett & Jade Marx 

Susie Meltzer • Steven Oberman • Robyn Raskind • Allen Reibman • Seacrest Village 

Ohr Shalom • Jaclyn Singer • Elijah Zelonky

Thank you to our event sponsors:

Bill and Kim Miller • Catering by Charles Rubin • Fleischer & Ravreby • Healthfusion Meditouch • IT Tech Pros 

Jack and Judith Lief • PFK Development Group •Ralphs • Reibman & Company • Seacrest Village Retirement Communities 

Steven and Maya Oberman • Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation

A highlight of the event was the story of the Sderot Tulip. The Sderot Tulip is a flower sculpted from the steel of a Kassam rocket that landed in Sderot. The poignant symbolism of a beautiful flower created from deadly munitions is a powerful statement for peace. Each sculpted tulip, created by hand from rocket shrapnel, is a unique work of art, created by an Israeli sculptor.

The flowers make a unique gift for art collectors, synagogues or as a meaningful present for any occasion. For more information about JNF or to purchase Sderot Tulips, please contact Amy Hart at or 858.824.9178 x988


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