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JNF Stands with Israel


A series of coordinated terror attacks in southern Israel on Thursday, August 18 left eight people dead and more than 30 wounded. Over the four days that followed, more than 100 rockets and missiles were launched from Gaza at Israeli cities in the south, killing one person in Be'er Sheva and injuring several others.

Your ongoing support of Jewish National Fund helps to protect Israelis during periods of conflict. The Sderot Indoor Recreation Center allows children living within range of rocket fire to play without fear in a safe, secure, and fun environment equipped with numerous bomb shelters. Security bypass roads along Israel’s Lebanon and Gaza borders shield travelers from sniper fire. And a partnership with Friends of Israel Firefighters provides new trucks, equipment, and safety gear to the firefighters who are on the ground as first responders during attacks.

In times of peace and in times of violence, your support of JNF makes a tangible difference in Israel.


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