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Osem Reaffirms Unwavering Support for Israel and JNF, Despite Calls for Boycott

Jewish National Fund (JNF) and long-time partner Osem, leading kosher grocery food manufacturer, have been offering a promotion that will raise money for JNF’s Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. Stores that carry Osem products have been displaying Bissli and Bamba snacks that feature a JNF strip; the program was launched June 24th. Unfortunately, a group of Satmar Jews has threatened to boycott Osem products if the JNF strip is not removed from their snacks. This week, Osem USA President Izzet Ozdogan reaffirmed his company's unwavering support for Israel and Jewish National Fund in a letter sent to many of Osem's partners and major supporters. Despite the threats, Ozdogan's statement promises unconditional support of JNF and their work for the land and people of Israel. In response, JNF CEO Russell Robinson has promised JNF's support of Osem products and has called Ozdogan "a friend and role model for others to follow."

Please show your support of Osem and the land and people of Israel by downloading coupons and purchasing Bamba, Bissli, and many of Osem's other wonderful products at your local grocery store.


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