Join JNF as we partner with the local municipality of Yerucham for a five-day, inspirational mountain biking excursion through the Negev. Ride through 3,000 years of desert history in one of the top seven places in the world for mountain biking as you help support the Rising Star of the Negev, the City of Yerucham, through JNF’s projects: The Central Park, Medical Center and Fire Station. The Yerucham Ride is for everyone, regardless of skill level, with route options for recreational riders and experienced cyclists. Each day there will be fully supported routes, at two or three difficulty levels, each offering birds-eye views of the magical desert landscape and breathtaking craters of the Negev. This inspirational experience offers cyclists a unique way to explore Israel and the Negev, meet with diverse communities, discover the desert at night and enjoy delicious local food. Learn more today.