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Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Ronald Lauder, Chairman

Jeffrey E. Levine, President

Russell F. Robinson, CEO

For a complete listing of the JNF Board of Directors, click here.


Makor (Hebrew for “source”) is a specially-trained cadre of highly-involved Jewish National Fund volunteers whose primary role is to support the core functions of JNF by direct fundraising.  Members identify prospective donors, conduct direct solicitations in their own communities and around the United States and assist in educating the public about the JNF and its projects. For a complete listing of Makor members, click here.  

Regional Leadership

Please visit JNF In Your Area to find your regional leadership.

Executive Management

Russell Robinson, CEO

Harold Cohen, COO

Mitchel Rosenzweig, CFO

Matt Bernstein, Chief Planned Giving Officer

Yael Septee Kane, Chief Israel Advocacy and Leadership Officer

Rick Krosnick, Chief Development Officer

Stephen Bach, Chief Administrative Officer


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