Water Challenges

In Israel the most precious commodity is water and it is at risk. Find out how you can help.

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JNF Board of Directors

Vice Presidents | Assistant Vice Presidents
Special Ambassador to KKL and Israel
Past President | Advisor to the President
Audit Co-Chairs | JNFuture | KKL Int'l Marketing Liason

Ronald S. Lauder - Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey E. Levine - President

Alan Dabrow - First Vice President

Joseph Wolfson - Assistant First VP

Theodore L. Banks - Treasurer

Bruce K. Gould - Assistant Treasurer

Geri Shatz - Secretary

Benjamin Gutmann- Assistant Secretary

Vice Presidents

Louise Dabrow - President, Women for Israel

Isaac Blachor – Vice President, Israel Relations

Jeffrey Davis - Corporate Sponsorships

Charles S. Fax - Vice President, Israel Action

David Frank – Vice President, Planned Giving

Tony B. Gelbart - Vice President, Marketing

Scott H. Gendell - Vice President, Community and Congregational Relations

Laureine Greenbaum, Esq. - Chair, Parsons Water Fund

Joseph Hess - Vice President, Government Relations

Andrew Klein - Vice President, Regions and Communities

Bud Levin - Vice President, Negev and Galil

Robert B. Levine, Esq. - Vice President, Education

Dr. Sol Lizerbram - Vice President, College Activists

Bill Miller - Vice President, Campaign

Dr. Morton Mower - National Chair Emeritus, Parsons Water Fund

Edward Paul - Vice President, Committee on the Environment

Nina Paul - Vice President, Women for Israel

Scott N. Schreiber, Esq.- Vice President, Missions

Michael J. Wechsler - Vice President, Investments

Robert M. Wigoda, Esq.- Vice President, Legal Committee

Dr. Melinda Wolf - Vice President, Administration

Assistant Vice Presidents

Alan Abramson - Assistant Vice President, Administration

Ira Bartfield - Assistant Vice President, Community and Congregational Relations

Michael Blank - Assistant Vice President, College Activists

Steven Crystal - Assistant Vice President, Marketing

Robert Dubin - Assistant Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships

Baruch Fellner, Esq. - Assistant Vice President, Government Relations

Terry L. Katz - Assistant Vice President, Israel Action

Marc Kelman - Assistant Vice President, Blueprint Negev

Joseph Korn - Assistant Vice President, Investments

Kenneth Krupsky, Esq. - Assistant Vice President, (Galil-Go North)

Ellen Rosenberg, Esq. - Assistant Vice President, Legal Committee, Chair of Makor

Kenneth Segel, Esq. - Assistant Vice President, Campaign

Myron Stayman - Assistant Vice President, Israel Relations

Past President Special Ambassador to KKL and Israel

Stanley M. Chesley - Past President, Special Ambassador to KKL and Israel

Past President

Ruth W. Popkin 

Advisors to the President

Jerome Belson 

Dr. Robert Benedon

Shoshana S. Cardin

Lawrence B. Cohen, Esq.

Samuel P. Delug

Rebecca Fisher

Vivian Grossman

Leonard L. Kleinman, Esq.

Michael G. Lederman 

Dr. Toby Mower

Jane Ottenstein

Todd G. Patkin

Marlene E. Post 

Rita Salfeld

Jay L. Schottenstein

Jeffrey Schwartz

Dr. Stephen S. Wolnek

Fred S. Zeidman, Esq.

Audit Co-Chairs

Edward Blank

David R. Greenbaum, Esq.


Lauren Kaufman-Bergmann

KKL Int'l Marketing Liason

Michael H. Jacobson 


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