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Kenneth Segel

Vice President, CampaignKenneth

Kenneth Segel (Albany, NY), a former tax attorney and now a Principal of Schuyler Companies, is a regional commercial real estate developer specializing in developing and owning retail shopping centers. He has served as President, General Campaign Chair, and Chairman of The Community Endowment Fund for United Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York. He is currently Chairman of the Israel Bonds Cabinet for upstate New York and has been active in the Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy, the Board of Directors of the Daughters of Sarah Nursing Foundation and Temple Israel of Albany. Ken was President of JNF’s Capital District Board and previously served as the Vice President of Major Gifts, and is a Negev Society and Century Council member. He also led one of JNF’s most successful missions to date, The Road to Jerusalem Mission, in May 2012.


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