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Andrew Klein

Vice President, Regions and CommunitiesAndrew

Andrew Klein (Baltimore, MD), President of Klein’s ShopRite of Maryland, served as the Maryland Regional President until 2010 and is on the JNF Parsons Water Fund Board of Directors and the Israel Relations Committee. He is the immediate past Vice-President, Regions and Communities. He Andrew co-chaired the 2011 National Conference in Cincinnati, is a past co-Vice President of Education, and a Negev Society and World Chairman’s Council member. Andy was recognized at the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama as part of a ceremony celebrating nationwide commitments from major food retailers to open grocery stores that provide healthy, affordable food to millions of people in areas that do not have easy access to it. Andy is also an active member of AIPAC and board member of the Upper Chesapeake Health System, and directly supports dozens of other local organizations through the Ralph and Shirley Klein Foundation.


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