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Dr. Melinda Wolf

Vice President, AdministrationDr.

A physician at the Denver VA Medical Center, Dr. Wolf’s (Golden, CO) connection to JNF dates back to 1999. Currently the national Chair of General Campaign, over the years, she has served in various leadership positions including Chair of JNF’s Outreach Campaign, an initiative to build awareness of JNF in expanding communities across the U.S.; Chair of JNF’s Doctors for Israel Campaign, an initiative targeting healthcare professionals; Chair of Makor, JNF’s volunteer speaker’s bureau; Co-Chair of the Realignment Information Team (RIT); and Co-Chair of the Israel Relations and National Education Committees. She also served as Co-Chair of the 2002 and 2011 National Conference. She is a founding member of The Sapphire Society, and a Century Council and President’s Society member.


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