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Mitchel Rosenzweig

Chief Financial Officer

Mitchel Rosenzweig currently serves as the chief financial officer of Jewish National Fund (JNF,) a position he assumed in 1997. He brings to this position over 20 years of financial, administrative, human resource, contract management, facilities, MIS and building operations experience in not-for-profit and private sectors.

Prior to joining the JNF, Mr. Rosenzweig spent 13 years serving in various managerial positions at the 92nd Street YM-YWHA in New York City and served as its associate executive director for administration and finance from 1990-1997. Prior to that, he received his public accounting experience with Loeb & Troper, CPAs.

Mr. Rosenzweig has proven his leadership in progressively more responsible and challenging management and executive positions. His
leadership ability and passion and commitment for Jewish causes is evident in his personal life as well. He serves on the board of his temple and has served as president, vice president and treasurer.

Mitchel Rosenzweig lives in a community just outside of New York City with his wife and their three children.


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