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Adam Zlotnick

JNF New England Board member and National Conference Co-Chair

Adam Zlotnick is a true Zionist who wants to make a difference. After joining the JNF family in 2007, Adam became a member of the New England Board of Directors in 2010. His wife Christina, a meteorologist, became a proud member of JNF’s Sapphire Society, the women's division for major donors, in 2011. Adam takes much pride in connecting his family with his philanthropic passion for JNF.

"Once you hear the message and experience the vision that professionals and lay leaders share, it is hard not to become infused with their enthusiasm,” Adam shared.  “From Russell Robinson on down, JNF has one goal, and that is to be instrumental in contributing to Israel's growth, success and security."

Adam is currently the only Board Member from New Hampshire, and is helping JNF build a community there. He faithfully attends our annual conferences and is in his second tenure as our recruitment chair.

"Adam's passion for what we do in Israel is so inspiring. He has a fresh perspective, a zest for life and a genuine interest in the land and  people of Israel," shared JNF National Campaign Director, Sharon Freedman.

Originally from Tulsa, OK, Adam graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law and has concentrated his professional expertise in the area of creditor/debtor rights and debt collection law.

Adam and Christina have two young children.  In his down-time, he participates in mountain bike endurance events, collects baseball cards and is passionate about music.

(L-R)New England Sapphire President and VP of the JNF Parsons Water Fund Amy Parsons, Adam Zlotnick, Sapphire Society member Risa Aronson, Adam’s daughter Adrianna Zlotnick, Sapphire Society and Board member Lee Aronson and Director of New England Sara Hefez.

(Back Row L-R)Adam Zlotnick, Alan Dershowitz and Christina Zlotnick. (Front Row L-R) Adam and Christina’s daughters Adrianna and Ariella at the New England Consul’s 2012 Yom Ha’azmaut event. 

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