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Joe Stone

Board Member & New England Chair of Planned GivingJoe

Joe Stone is a devoted and enthusiastic member of JNF, currently serving on the Executive Board in New England and is the newly appointed Chair of Planned Giving. Joe is also a Herzl Society member and supported the educational committee in the past.

Joe is a successful financial advisor at Stone Financial group, a business that he started and now runs with his son and partner, Jamie. 

A longtime supporter of JNF, Joe has visited Israel many times.  He previously participated in a JNF-sponsored bike ride, and recently organized his own mountain biking trip in the Northern and Western parts of Israel, where there are many JNF trails.  He encouraged two non-Jews to participate in this trip and personally toured the country with them before the ride to spread his love of Israel.  He claims this experience broadened his horizons and made him see Israel in a totally different light.

Joe also actively raises awareness for JNF and Israel at his temple and in his community.

Zone Director Sharon Freedman shared, “Joe is such an inspiration. His leadership, dedication and passion for Israel are straight from the heart.”

Joe has more than 37 years of experience delivering financial services to businesses and individuals.  He graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.  After school he worked as a district manager with Equitable Life for 10 years and as an agent with Berkshire Life for more than 20 years.  Before starting Stone Financial Group, he founded Partners Financial-MA in 1989.  

In addition to Joe’s financial expertise, he is a hot power yoga enthusiast, an avid cyclist, and a seasoned traveler.   He is also on the New England Board of the American Liver Foundation. 

Joe and his wife Susan currently live in Hingham, MA and have two kids, Jamie and Ethan.


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