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Jonathan D. Plaut

Jonathan D. Plaut is a dedicated member of the New England Board of Directors. He is a graduate of Tufts University and Boston College Law School, and owns and operates Chardon Law.

(L-R) JNF National Missions and Tours Director Hannah Schwartz, National Campaign Director Sharon Freedman, Jonathan Plaut and Sapphire Society President Amy Parsons

For more than a decade, Jonathan has represented numerous corporations and individuals in a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation.  Jonathan is a member in good standing of the bars of Massachusetts and New York, and has appeared before numerous state courts, federal courts, superior courts, appeals courts and administrative, regulatory and professional tribunals on behalf of his clients.

Jonathan has also served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Assistant District Attorney for Norfolk County wherein he prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases of financial crimes, narcotic drugs, civil rights hate crimes and domestic violence. He speaks and writes in Japanese, and he has represented numerous Japanese citizens and businesses, speaking only Japanese, in a variety of matters including corporation formation, civil lawsuits, criminal defense and governmental investigations.  

Jonathan also taught full semester courses in criminal law and environmental law at Tufts University and Boston College.  

When he is not practicing law, Jonathan plays bass guitar and is the lead singer for the hard rock band, The Learned Hands.  Jonathan traveled to Israel in 1986 where he played in an orchestra in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv & the Negev.  He returned in 1999 and spent six weeks on a work-study program in Jerusalem and Tzfat. 

“It is my pleasure to work with Jonathan on our local board. His spirit and passion are unmatched.” shared National Lawyers for Israel Chair & Boston President Emeritus, Robert Cohan.

“Jonathan is growing into one of our future leaders. He is young, generous, dedicated and incredibly fun” shared Sharon Freedman, National Campaign Director.

(L-R) Director of New England, Sara Hefez; New England Executive Board member Isaac Edry; New England Board member Lee Aronson; Risa Aronson; New England Board President Larry Cohen; Adam Cohen; Arava Institute founder Dr. Alon Tal; New England Board member Jonathan Plaut; Sapphire Society President and VP of JNF’s Parsons Water Fund, Amy Parsons; JNF VP of Campaign, Todd Patkin; National Campaign Director, Sharon Freedman and New England Board President Emeritus Robert Cohan at the 2012 National Conference in Orlando.

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