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Judi Elovitz-Greenberg

Women’s Alliance Chair, Sapphire President Emeritus

Judi Elovitz Greenberg embodies the true meaning of leadership and Zionism.


Judi’s love for Israel began at 12 years old, when she first visited Israel for her Bat Mitzvah. She promised herself (and anyone who would listen), that she would be back.  Seven years later she fulfilled her promise and spent a year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Judi was then exposed to the Negev and recalls that “the desert air, dry earth, and biblical stories that I recounted there became implanted in my heart.  I felt connected and responsible. Again, I promised myself that I would be back.”  Judi never forgot her love for Israel, and specifically the land.

From that day forward, Judi dedicated herself to JNF and its mission. Together with her husband, Norman Greenberg, Judi has taken a leadership role in building the new community of Zuqim, building Reservoirs, Park Ofakim, Grofit Therapeutic Riding Center, Arava Institute & so much more.


Sara Hefez, Director, New England, shares that, “Judi is passionate, dedicated and very committed. She is truly a member of the JNF family.” Currently, Judi serves as chair of JNF’s Women’s Alliance and is an Executive Board Member.

Judi’s parents Elaine and Gerry Elovitz, (founders of Building 19) have always instilled a sense of tzedaka.  Elaine is also a proud member of Sapphire Society, JNF’s women’s major gift division which is dedicated to strengthening Israel though social responsibility toward the land, its inhabitants and communities.


In July of 2009 Judi Elovitz Greenberg, along with Norman, Elaine and Gerry were honored at JNF’s annual Golf tournament. The tournament raised over $150,000 for a therapy room in the Sderot Secure Indoor Playground.

Judi & Norman proudly share their love and commitment to Israel with their blended family of five children and three grandchildren. The Elovitz Greenberg Families are passionate, dedicated & true Zionists.



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