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Paul R. Garrido

Paul R. Garrido

President Larry Cohen personally asked Paul Garrido to join the JNF New England Board of Directors in 2005 and since then he has continuously shown his passion and connection to JNF.  Paul has participated in two JNF missions to Israel, was proudly named to the Executive Board of Directors and is always bringing new donors into the JNF family.

While in Israel, Paul saw first-hand the difference that his donations to JNF are making to the land and people of Israel. “When you visit Israel the trip becomes a personal experience, and Israel is no longer an abstract place,” Paul shares. “When you touch the land and soil of Israel it’s such a real feeling.”

Pictured in Photo: Paul receiving plaque at Misgav Am while on the B’Yachad Mission

During one of the JNF missions, Paul received special recognition at the Misgav Am Security Road on the border of Lebanon. New England donors adopted the Security Road Project from 2004-2006. “Unbeknownst to us, we were standing on the very road that was to be used just weeks later to save the lives of families. What an overwhelming feeling.”

Paul shares that he supports JNF as an organization that’s non-political and non-religious and unilaterally works towards development of the Negev. “JNF understands the future of Israel and that’s the Negev. They also recognize the need that Israel has for water. In America, we don’t fully appreciate that water can be such an important and strategic issue.”

Pictured in Photo: Paul with Richard Jones, the United States Ambassador to Israel

Paul was New England’s first non-Jewish Board Member. “I’ve always had a tremendous respect for the Jewish people. Being a minority myself and I understand the adversity that Jews have had to overcome.”

 Paul’s father was a Philippine Ambassador, and served under several Philippine Presidents.

Pictured in Photo: Paul Garrido with Elie Wiesel

Paul received his BA degree in Political Science from Columbia University and continued his graduate work at Harvard University. Since 1987, he has been employed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he is currently a Senior Vice President of Wealth Management and Senior Financial Advisor. Paul’s business partner is Jim Atwood, of the Atwood Group, a separately designated group within Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

 Prior to joining Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Paul was a Corporate Researcher at Harvard Business School where he authored a quarterly report on Mergers & Acquisitions. In addition to JNF, Paul is also involved with the Columbia University Club of New York City and the The Harvard Business School Association of Boston.

Paul and his wife Cherry Maddela-Garrido, a registered nurse, live in Boston, Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island.  

Pictured in Photo: Paul Garrido with Ronald Lauder


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