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Scott N. Schreiber

Vice President, MissionsScott

Scott N. Schreiber (Northbrook, IL) is a member of Clark Hill PLC, a national law firm where is he a member of the corporate restructuring and bankruptcy practice group. Scott has served as lead counsel to business debtors, creditors, creditors’ committees, and equity holders in a wide range of bankruptcy matters, including domestic and international bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, and out-of-court workouts. He is also general counsel to the National Packaged Products Suppliers Credit Group and the National Coated Paper & Film Manufacturing Credit Group. Scott is a member of the Board of Trustees and National Board of Directors of JNF and is the former Midwestern Regional President and the past President of the Chicago board. Scott is also a member of Makor , JNF’s Budget and Finance Committee, and Vice President of Missions. In 2014, Scott was mentor to JLIM (JNFuture Leadership Institute Mission) and co-chaired the Spirit of Israel Mission. Scott also chairs the bi-annual North Shore Jewish Community Campaign Forum, which brings together federal and state-wide candidates to Chicago’s North Shore Jewish community to explain their positions on topics of interest to the Jewish community.

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