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College Summit Secondary Registration Form 2

*First Name
*Last Name
*School Address
*School City
*School State
*School Zip
*Home Address
*Home City
*Home State
*Home Zip
*Cell Phone
*School E-mail address
*Personal E-mail address
*Current Status
*Expected Graduation Year
*Will you be enrolled full time in the 2015-16 academic year?
Are you an alum of any of the following programs?

Parent 1 Information  
Parent 2 Information  
*T-Shirt Size/Sweatshirt Size  
*How did you find out about this program?  
*Tell us about your past Israel experiences (please include years(s), name of programs and how long you were in Israel)
How would you describe your Jewish religious affiliation?

If you selected other, please specify your Jewish religious affiliation
Please upload the following items  
*Profile Picture (head shot only)  
(Please make sure your name is included in the saved link in the following format: firstname.lastname_picture.jpeg e.g. Jon.Doe_picture.jpeg)
Reference (Someone who has supervised you professionally or an advisor who can speak to the qualities that would make you a good JNF Campus Fellow. Please do not submit references from friends, roommates or coworkers)
*Reference Title  
*Reference Phone Number  
*Reference Email  
*How do you know the person writing the reference?  
*Please upload your letter of reference here  
(Please make sure your name is included in the saved link in the following format: firstname.lastname_reference e.g. Jon.Doe_reference.docx )
(Please make sure your name is included in the saved link in the following format: firstname.lastname_resume e.g. Jon.Doe_resume.docx.)
Short Essay Questions – please answer each of questions below (Each answer should be 250 words or less).  
*1. Describe one way you connect to Israel and how this sparked your Israel involvement on campus.
*2. Describe a past experience that points to how you will be successful in your position as a JNF Campus Fellow.
*3. Creating awareness of, participation in, and recruiting a team for JNF Alternative Winter Break to Israel are a huge part of this program. What three things are you going to do to accomplish this goal on campus? Identify each goal and give a brief description of how you would meet it.
*4.What are three qualities about you that are important for us to know? Why are they important? How do they set you a part from others?
All applicants will be reviewed by our committee. Finalists will be selected to have a “face-to-face” interview. Please tell us which of the following works better for you:    
Are you an active user of

If you selected other, which social media platform do you use?  
*I certify that all the information on this application is true. Please accept my completed application for the 2015-2016 JNF Campus Fellows Program. Please type your name in this box.

*Required fields

For more information please contact JNF Israel Advocacy & Education Department at 212.879.9305, ext 245 or


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