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Jewish National Fund Alternative Break Fundraising Guarantee

The Alternative Break Fundraising Guarantee (FRG) confirms your spot on the bus of this first-come, first-serve trip. By filling out the FRG, you will be able to complete your fundraising up until two weeks before the departure date, without the concern of losing your spot.

By filling out this form you agree to the following:

I am committing to participate in JNF's Alternative Break program and commit to raise $950 for the JNF projects I will work on in Israel. Please purchase a roundtrip plane ticket to Israel and cover all land costs for me*. Once this form has been submitted, JNF may charge me according to the fundraising agreement and whatever fees (minimum of $250) are associated with changing or cancelling my participation, as listed on the Alternative Break website. Please note that both credit and debit cards are accepted below.

*I hereby authorize Jewish National Fund to charge my credit card one week prior to my departure date the remainder of the balance towards the $950 fundraising minimum. I understand that unless I have at least 5 donations I am responsible to pay $2,500.

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Expiration Date
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Billing Address

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Your credit card will only be charged one week prior to your departure date if you have not raised the minimum of $950 with 5 donations.
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