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AZ AMHSI Fellowship Program Application

First Name

Last Name

Street Address




Date of Birth



High School

Expected Graduation Year

Will you be an incoming senior in September 2016?

What organizations and clubs are you involved in?

Have you been to Israel before? If so, tell us about your past Israel experiences (please include year(s), name of programs, and how long you were in Israel)

Your reference should be a teacher or principal from your school that can speak to your qualities that would make you a good AMHSI candidate. Please do not submit references from friends or family members.

Reference Name

Reference Title

Reference Phone

Reference Email

Please upload your reference letter here

Applicant Questionnaire
Why should you be selected to attend AMHSI’s 6 week Schwartz-Hammer program? Answer should be at least 300 words.


What are your best qualities and how do they set you apart from others?

Please list social media platforms you are an active user on.


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