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JNF Leadership Fellows Program

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Israel Revisited: Fellows Program

Dear Jewish Campus Professional,

We are writing to inform you of a significant and time-sensitive opportunity. The “Israel Revisited” JNF Leadership Fellows Program has been created in order to identify future leaders of the American Jewish community, bring them to Israel and expose them to an intensive tour of Israeli society that will enable them to be more knowledgeable advocates for the state of Israel.

The goal of this trip is to further the understanding of and expose future leaders to the contemporary culture and economy of Israel. The trip will include special visits with prominent Israeli political leaders, academicians and high tech entrepreneurs. In addition to optional spiritual observance, there will be a series of workshops for the Fellows to process and discuss their experiences.

This offer is time sensitive; we wish to identify and select no more than 40 students from the New England region. Students must be able to travel to Israel from May 19th through May 30th, 2011.

We would like your help selecting appropriate candidates to whom we make this offer. Please note that a threshold requirement is that the candidate has been to Israel before. It is not our intent to provide a first time tour through the country; rather, we want to identify those students who have shown leadership potential and an interest in the state of Israel.

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