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Moms for Israel

JNF Moms for Israel, a division of JNF's Women's Campaign for Israel, is a grassroots campaign that has brought together thousands of women across the country and the world.

All across Israel, women are contributing in important ways to the development of the country. From helping to realize Ben Gurion’s dream of populating the Negev, to caring for adults and children with disabilities, to establishing the future of Israel with passion and determination, women have inspiring tales of courage, perseverance and spirit to tell. It is due in part to their passion that JNF is making such a difference for the land and people of Israel.

Read more about these women.

Over the past four years, JNF Moms for Israel has successfully supported numerous programs, including sending over 500 Israeli children from southern Israel to summer camps, far away from Hamas-launched missiles, supporting sports, arts, dance and educational programs at the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, sponsoring Caravan for Democracy speakers at local high schools to prepare our own children for anti-Israel sentiment they may face in college, and raising money to sponsor Israeli high school students who wish to volunteer in Israel's Fire and Rescue Services.


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