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Caravan for Democracy Application



First name
Last name
College or University
Year in school (2016-2017)
Home postal address
School postal address
School email
Personal email
Cell phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Your major
Your minor (if applicable)
Parent name
Parent address
Parent phone number
Parent email address
List your college activities, particularly highlighting leadership positions
List your community activities while in college, particularly highlighting leadership positions

Do you have any unique medical issues which will affect your participation in an international travel experience?

Please upload your two faculty letters of recommendation, one for academics and one acquainted with your qualities as a student leader. Applications will not be considered unless we receive both letters

I verify that I have not previously visited Israel
I verify that I have a valid passport
Passport Expiration Date

Past International Travel

Please upload a passport style (2" x 2") photo.

Essay Questions

(No more than 250 words each)

Reflect upon an experience in your life that affected or transformed your leadership style.
Considering what you have seen in the news, learned in class, or heard on the street- what is your impression of Israel and why?



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