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Plant Your Way to Israel Stories

Andrew Worked, and Planted, His Way to Israel

Andrew Yolleck was a participant on Young Judaea Year Course's Medical Track Program.

"From the beginning of my senior year at Columbia High School I was already set on the idea of taking a gap year before attending college. I immediately looked for various ways of raising money for the sole purpose of paying for this particular program. The Plant Your Way to Israel™ program gave me the opportunity to raise funds for a very good cause, planting trees in Israel, and assist with the payment of this program. I volunteered in the Emergency Room at the Hadassah Hospital, one of Israel's top medical facilities, in Jerusalem and learned first-hand about the role of Israel as a global leader in medical practice, research, and technology."

"Here is a tip on how I successfully used the PYW program: I would walk my neighbor's dogs and ask to be paid by means of her purchasing a tree. I used this method on several different occasions when doing chores or errands for my family and friends. My neighbors were very accepting of this offer and were glad to help out such a good cause."

Keeping In Touch From Israel!

Sarah Osborn attended Ramah's TRY High School in Israel and raised $1400 through PYW to Israel - all through email.

Sarah used her PYW Participant Center to track her progress, see who opened her emails, and who she needed to follow up with. Here is an excerpt of an email sent from her PYW account to all of her donors when she got to Israel!

"It's been a week since I arrived in Israel, but it feels much longer. Recently we visited the City of David. While we were viewing the regular tourist sites, we stumbled across construction work on what they think might be David's Palace. It was amazing to watch as history is uncovered. From there, we went to the Southern Wall, where the entrance to the Temple used to be. Neil Armstrong once said that the moon was nothing in comparison to this spot. So far I'm having a fabulous time and am very excited to see how the next few months will unfold!"

Helping Israel, and Ourselves, at the Same Time

Yoella Diamant-Cohen and Talia Laster, recipient of the JNF Milton Shapiro Scholarship, Alexander Muss High School in Israel Participants

"We are so grateful to have had the Plant Your Way to Israel™ program available to us. Without the opportunity to contribute to the Jewish and Israeli communities as we have by raising money for Jewish National Fund, we would not have this particular bond with the land on which we have been living for the last month and a half. The trip became more meaningful to us because we invested our efforts into community outreach rather than being handed a scholarship."

"Plant Your Way to Israel™ helped us get excited for the upcoming trip by making us approach friends and family to discuss where their contributions were going and also where we were going."


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