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Step by Step Guide to Plant Your Way to Israel

With one click of a button you can send your PYW information to all of your family and friends. They can donate instantly and watch your thermometer grow as you reach your goal! Go to to register and get started!

Step 1: Log in to Your JNF Account

  1. Go to Click Login Request in the green box on the left. If you are already logged in, it will say Welcome Back.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your username (your email address) and password.
  3. Click Login and you will be directed to the JNF homepage. Then, type in the address bar.
  4. A new button, Participant Center, will appear on the right side of the webpage.
  5. Click on your Participant Center and get started fundraising for your trip to Israel with Plant Your Way!

Step 2: Personalize

  1. On the Participant Center page, click on Personal Page.
    • Your complete PYW website will appear as visitors see it, along with a tinted text box where you can make changes.
  2. Just type directly on the screen to change the fundraising text, add a personal story, or information about your upcoming trip. Click on buttons to add pictures or change the layout and look of the page.
  3. Before making any changes, some things to keep in mind:
    • Clicking Refresh Preview will allow you to see how each of your changes affects your page.
    • Changes do not have to be permanent. You can continually update and change the look of your site from your participant center.

Step 3: Send Emails

It's even easier to fundraise when you send emails directly from your Plant Your Way website.

  1. Click on the Email icon in your Participant Center.
  2. Select Sample Gift Request 3.
  3. Type email addresses directly into the Send To box.
    • Once your message is sent all of these email addresses will automatically be transferred to your Address Book.
  4. The email is ready to be sent! Or, just like your website, you can personalize your text and subject line.
  5. You can also use the Blank Message and follow these same steps. Blank messages are great for sending follow-up emails, thank yous, and updates while you are in Israel!
  6. When your email is ready click Send.

Step 4: Update Your Address Book

  1. Click on the Address Book icon in your Participant Center.
  2. If you have already sent a Gift Request message, a list of all the email addresses you sent it to will have been automatically transferred to your Address Book.
  3. You can add a person's name next to his/her email address by clicking Edit. Fill in the requested information on the next page, and click Save.
  4. You can also add new email addresses to your PYW Address Book:
    • Add contacts individually
    • Import contacts from an already existing email address book
  5. Click Save when you are finished, and you will be brought back to the Address Book homepage with a confirmation of how many new contacts were added to your list.

Step 5: Enter Off-line Gifts

Even though you are collecting your funds online, friends and family can also donate by check. These donations will not show up on your PYW webpage automatically.

Follow these steps to make sure that offline gifts show up on your PYW thermometer:

  1. In your PYW Participant Center, click on the My Progress icon. This screen will appear:
  2. Click on Enter Gifts Received Offline.
  3. A new screen will prompt you to enter all of the information relating to the donation. Include all mandatory information:
    • Name
    • Gift amount
    • Payment type (If the donation was made by check, but you don't have the check number, just enter the gift as cash.)
  4. Click Save. Watch your thermometer go up and the gift appear on your honor roll.

Make sure to download from your personal PYW page the Offline Donation Form to be completed with all checks. Forms are also included in your PYW Starter Package.

Step 6: Track Progress and Donor Follow-up

In your PYW Participant Center, click on the Follow-Ups icon, and this screen will appear: All of your Address Book contacts will be listed. You will also see:

  • If they have donated to your account
  • How many emails you sent them
  • The date of the last email
  • The emails that they opened
  • If they have clicked through to your PYW web page


  1. Emails Sent: by seeing how many emails you have sent to donors, and the date of the last email sent, you will be able to decide if it is necessary to email them again. Often people don't appreciate receiving too many emails. You should also be care- ful not to send a fundraising request to someone who has already donated.
  2. Emails Opened: this is an important column. You may have sent someone 10 emails, but s/he didn't open any! Check-in with them and make sure you have the correct email address or print your email and send by regular mail with an offline donation form.
  3. Page Visits: this column will tell you if a person has visited your PYW webpage, and how many times (based on the link in your email). If you see that your email has been opened and the person has visited your page but never donated, send them a reminder. You can also follow-up and let potential donors know that if they don't want to donate online you can provide them with offline donation forms.

NOTE: Using the "Show Contacts Who" drop-down menu you can organize which contacts are visible to you at a given time. With this feature you can organize your address book by the type of message you want to send. For example, you can choose all contacts who have not given a donation, and send them a reminder. Or choose all contacts who have donated, but have not received thank you's. Choose your option, click "Go" to see the updated list, and then click "Send Email to All" to send your group-specific message.


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