Join JNF Moms for Israel. Arm our children, your children, with the knowledge necessary to advocate for Israel on college campuses across the U.S.

Imagine this. At prestigious universities across the United States there is a widespread call for divestment from Israel. You can stop imagining. It really happens. 

Imagine this. At campuses all over the country, protests and rallies are held against Israel during something called Israel Apartheid/Hate Week. You can stop imagining. It really happens.

Imagine this. At respected universities, pro-Israel speakers -- from former members of the Knesset to ambassadors – are protested against, shouted down and heckled by well-organized groups of students. You can stop imagining. It really happens.

JNF’s Moms for Israel campaign is arming our children. It is bringing pro-Israel advocacy programs to high school juniors and seniors to prepare them for what lies ahead. Be a part. Join tens of thousands of moms across the U.S who are standing up for Israel. Take action.

Moms, from the moment you brought your children into this world, you have given them the tools necessary to navigate life successfully. Don’t stop now. Donate

Please forward to friends and family. Time is of the essence.

Now, arm them in a different way. It’s been proven that the most effective tool in raising children who care about Israel is to send them to Israel. Click here to get a listing of the many ways your children can go - from elementary school through age 30.



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