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UPDATE: Fire in Jerusalem

A day later and the Jerusalem forest that was ablaze in flames is still smoldering in places. Thankfully no one was injured. Nearly 100 firefighters from Jerusalem and central Israel fought the fire and were able to stop it before it reached the line of homes. Almost 200 acres of forest was destroyed – that’s a lot of trees. All 13 of Israel’s firefighting planes were deployed to extinguish the flames from the air, flying more than 58 sorties. Support Israel’s Fire & Rescue Services. With your donation they will be better equipped to handle the next emergency.

#PowerofWomen- All Month Long!

We are stronger together. Learn all about our Women for Israel group and the power that develops when women get together! More on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Billion Dollar Roadmap

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, JNF has undertaken an unprecedented $1 billion campaign over the next decade. Read about the transformative social impact we are having on Israeli society and on American Jews connected to Israel here.

Branching Out of the Box

branching out

Listen to this week’s episode of ‘Branching Out, sponsored by JNF’', our weekly segment on the Nachum Segal Network show JM in the AM. Listen to past episodes here.

Travel to Israel

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Learn more about how Israel is making the world a better place. Read articles, gain an appreciation for all the innovations that Israel is contributing to the planet, and most importantly, fortify yourself with the POSITIVE facts about this small desert nation on our Positively Israel site.