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$360 - JNFuture Sabra Member

  • 5 EZ Trees
  • Special rates to JNFuture events
  • Membership to JNFuture International
  • Potential to be nominated for a fully-funded leadership mission to Israel
  • Opportunities for leadership position on a JNFuture local board
  • Exclusive access to JNF Network
  • Discounted National Conference Ticket
  • 10% discount for JNF Day Tour in Israel
Root Society  

$1,000 - Root Society

  • 5 EZ Trees
  • Exclusive access to Root Society events, top speakers, and networking opportunities
  • High-level briefings with Israeli dignitaries
  • Invitations to National Conference Major Donor Events
  • Annual Root Society dinner with JNF CEO Russell Robinson and President Jeff Levine
  • Offers to participate in Major Donor Conference Calls + Receptions
  • Discounted National Conference Ticket
  • Opportunity for leadership position on JNFuture National Board
  • Membership to JNFuture International
  • Mentorship Opportunity
  • Opportunities to attend local affinity group events
  • VIP access to JNF Travel & Tours, including a free JNF Day Tour

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JNFuture is the gateway to a lifelong relationship with JNF and Israel. By joining JNFuture, you are part of a growing global community that makes a tangible impact in your city, in Israel and in the world.

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