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Replenish Your E-Z Tree Account

Welcome to E-Z Tree™ Replenishment, the fastest and most convenient way to replenish your E-Z Tree™ account.

Your EZ Tree Balance as of today is: Trees

Please make sure you are logged in to replenish.

E-Z Tree™ accounts are replenished in $100 increments at $10 per tree price, a 44% savings over the individual tree price of $18. You can replenish your account now and start using your replenished balance immediately.

If you want to use your E-Z Tree™ account and choose to laminate your certificate and/or choose special shipping options, you must call 800-542-TREE for these options and then place your complete order with our customer service specialists.

If you call 800-542-TREE to replenish your account, it will take up to 24 hours to credit your account online. While you can use your balance immediately, please note that the balance on your screen will not update for at least 48 hours.

If you mailed in a check to replenish your E-Z Tree account, please allow 3 weeks for your balance to be updated online.

Click here to replenish your E-Z Tree PLUS account.


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