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Limited Time Offer: Osem Matzvah with a Mitzvah Program

Matzah with a Mitzvah

JNF has been in partnership with Osem, leading kosher grocery food manufacturer, for over five years. Each year Osem promotes JNF trees through Matzah with a Mitzvah and to date they have donated over $2 million to JNF. In recognition of this incredibly successful program, a pillar in the Be’er Sheva River Park will be dedicated to Osem and the Matzah with a Mitzvah Tree Planting Program.

The program is called Matzah With a Mitzvah because planting trees in honor or in memory of someone special and donating to charity are not simply Jewish traditions, but also mitzvot (good deeds). JNF established its reputation by planting more than 250 million trees in Israel during the 20th century. The OSEM and Jewish National Fund Matzah With a Mitzvah program helps fulfill many mitzvot at the same time.

You can find Osem products in the following stores throughout the USA:

A&P (NY/NJ), Shoprite (NY/NJ/PA/DE), Food Emporium (NY/NJ), Kings (NY/NJ), Pathmark (NY/NJ/PA/DE), Waldbaum's (NY/NJ), Wegman's (NY/NJ), Giant (DC/MD/PA), Superfresh (DC/MD), Acme (Phil/Southern NJ), Albertson's (FL/ CA/NV), Ralph's (CA), Jewel (Chicago), Publix (FL, Southeast/GA), Fred Meyer (WA/OR), Smith's (AZ/NV/NM/UT), Price Chopper (NY), Kroger (TX), H.E.B. (TX), Kroger (Southeast),, Bristol Farms(CA),Crown Supermarket (CT) Fairway (NY/NJ), Foodtown (NJ), Garden Fresh (IL), Gleson’s (CA), Hannaford Bros. (NH), Hiller Market (CA), Hungarian Kosher (IL), Jensen’s Market (CA), Jerusalem Glatt (SC), JoEl’s (FL), Kings Soopers (CO), King Super Market (NJ), Kosher Cajun (LA), Kosher Meat Klub (WI), Kosher Mart (MD),, Aron Kissena Farms (Queens, NY), Pomegranate (Brooklyn,NY), Brachs (Long Island, NY), Randall(TX), bigg’s (OH), Victory Supermarket (FL), Genuardi’s (PA), Gourmet Glatt (Long Island, NY), Cambridge Farms (CA), Meijer (WA), Met Foods (NY), Milk & Honey (TX), Mollie Stone’s Markets (CA), Murray Avenue Kosher (PA), Norkus Foodtown (NJ), Quality Kosher (GA), Giant Eagle (PA/OI), Safeway (CA/MD/TX/CA), Seven Mile Market (MD), Shalom Kosher Market (MD), Shaw’s(Boston, New England), Shoppers (MD/D.C./VA), Stop & Shop (NY/NJ/MA/CT), Super Food Town (NJ), Unger’s(OI), Vons (CA), Wal-Mart (in some stores), Weis Markets (PA), Winn-Dixie (FL), and Zabars (NYC).

For more information about where to purchase Osem products call: 1-800-200-OSEM (6736)


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