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Water Walk FAQ


Will there be parking provided?
-Yes, there will be free parking available at the Federation.

Will there be refreshments provided?
-Yes there will be one station at the start of the walk. Because you will be walking for water, water will be provided to inspire you!

Will there be restrooms available?
-Yes there will be restrooms available.

What should I wear?
-We suggest wearing comfortable clothing, and more specifically lots of layers. If it is a cold day, make sure you have a coat, gloves, hat, etc. If it is warm out, you can take off layers. We will be providing walk t-shirts, if you so choose to wear one. Most importantly, please wear comfortable shoes!

Will there be prizes awarded?
--Yes, we are thrilled to have prizes. Every child who registers for the Walk for Water and sends 10 emails will receive 3 packages of silly bands. Once 10 emails have been reached, each additional email sent will serve as an entry into a raffle to win an iPod. The more emails you send, the more entries will be added!

Can I register once the event gets closer or at the walk on May 1st?
-Yes, however from Monday, April 25th through the day of the event, registration goes from $18/person to $25.

Can I have a team? 
-Yes! We welcome teams from a school, temple, church, organization, youth group, etc. The top fundraisers from each team will win a great prize, tickets to a Siena Basketball game.

Is there a discounted rate for large families?
-Although the registration fee is $18/person, there is a max of $54/family. This counts towards children and their parents. Please call Sara at 617-423-0999 to register a large group.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sara Hefez. Phone: 617-423-0999. Email:


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