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Adopt a Firefighter

For over 109 years Jewish National Fund (JNF) has played a pivotal role in establishing and supporting the land of Israel. Now you and your family can continue to support and protect our Jewish homeland with the “Adopt an Israeli Firefighter” Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project through The Friends of Israeli Firefighters, (FIF), a JNF partner.


Firefighters, ranked among the best fire fighting and rescue responders in the world, are the unsung heroes of Israel. The first responders to events ranging from terrorist bombs, rocket attacks, and hazardous materials events to wildfires and car accidents, they save lives and help limit the damage to military and civilian property.


Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, all 1,400 of Israel’s firefighters are using outdated protective clothing needed to shield them from exposure to both extreme heat and chemicals. Modern protective clothing combats internal body heat build-up which can incapacitate or cause serious damage to the firefighter and decreases the danger to the firefighter, especially when combating an event for an extended period of time.

Protective clothing must be worn on every call a firefighter responds to, and is an essential element in enabling firefighters to successfully perform their tasks and rescue others. This protective clothing includes:

• Coats that provide full rotational mobility to the shoulder and arm, increased maneuverability when reaching overhead, and contain reflective safety strips to ensure that the firefighters are always visible.

• Pants with fully articulated knees that increase flexibility when bending, climbing, and crawling, and large pockets to carry tools and rescue equipment.

•Heavy-duty suspenders that bear the weight of the equipment in the pants and stand up to the rigorous activities required in combating fires and explosions.


Donations of $1,800 will completely outfit one firefighter with advanced protective firefighting clothing that meets today’s stringent safety standards. Donors will receive a framed certificate, a personal letter and photograph from the “adopted” firefighter, and an invitation to visit the firefighter at their fire station in Israel.

Your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is one of your family’s most treasured and joyous occasions. We know you want this day to be memorable and meaningful. You and your family have the opportunity to adopt a firefighter and support their brave efforts in combating fires, and the aftermath of terrorist and rocket attacks.

You can make a donation or raise money through a personal webpage to help support Israeli firefighters. Personal pages are easy to create.

Customize your page by choosing from pre-written text about the project and then adding your own thoughts and feelings. You can even add photos to your page!

Use the Participant Center to send emails to your family and friends telling them why you’re raising money for this project.

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