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Aleh Negev

The concept was a revolutionary one -- create a community that meets the needs of the people with severe disabilities throughout their lives, while making them feel comfortable and instilling a sense of belonging. Aleh Negev is home to over 500 residential adults with disabilities and will serve some 12,000 children and young adults with disabilities each year on an outpatient basis. Until now, those with severe disabilities have grown up in hospitals, with no sense of home or societal framework. Modern and technologically advanced buildings house professional staff, residents and visiting relatives. In addition, the village provides vocational training, occupational therapy and medical facilities.

You can help! For your Mitzvah Project you can directly impact the lives of the residents of Aleh Negev by raising money to help support this remarkable village.

JNF will support and enhance this remarkable village by funding new therapeutic facilities. JNF is also lending its expertise in developing beautifully landscaped grounds, meticulously planned to stimulate the senses of residents through the scents of herb and flower gardens.

Additionally, a Safari Petting Zoo Project will provide animal therapy at Aleh Negev. The petting zoo will be able to offer 600 animal therapy treatments every week.

Animal Therapy:

  • Provides stimulation
  • Heightens sensory awareness
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Encourages sensitivity to others
  • Improves quality of life by enabling the release of energy in a positive way

Animals will be able to walk around freely in The Safari Petting Zoo. There will be retreat areas for the animals, as well as shaded areas and eating corners. Paths within the Safari will be wheelchair accessible, designed so that the disabled can easily touch the animals from their wheelchairs. A building next to the petting zoo will serve as a vocational animal therapy workshop. The petting zoo will have goats, lambs, small deer, donkeys, chickens, turtles and dogs. In the building, there will be cages with parrots, songbirds, rabbits, hamsters and other small animals. There will also be specially trained dogs and puppies of various sizes.

The development of Aleh Negev dovetails perfectly with JNF’s Blueprint Negev initiative. The Negev offers space, freedom and a sense of well being that cannot be duplicated in major cities, a tremendous advantage for young adults with disabilities. The village is attracting doctors, caregivers, teachers and others, stimulating the local economy and playing a vital role in lowering the high unemployment rate in the area.

You can make a donation or raise money through a personal webpage to help support Aleh Negev. Personal pages are easy to create.

Customize your page by choosing from pre-written text about the project and then adding your own thoughts and feelings. You can even add photos to your page!

Use the Participant Center to send emails to your family and friends telling them why you’re raising money for this project.

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