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Essence of Life

The Essence of Life campaign has been designed specifically to improve the lives of the men and women who serve in the Israel Defense Forces and their families. The money raised from this campaign will fund a two-phase project on Ramon Air Force Base. The first phase is constructing a park and recreation area for the soldiers and their families to enjoy. The second phase will be to create a series of water reclamation pools to irrigate the park.

You can help! For your Mitzvah Project you can directly impact the lives of the residents of the Ramon Air Force Base.

The Ramon Air Force Base is one of Israel's most important military installations. It is located in a strategic position, providing protection for Israel’s southern region. More than 3,000 Air Force personnel and their families, including 200 children, live on the base. The Park will be a morale booster to the residents of the base and provide a peaceful setting for soldiers to spend time with their families.

The park will include an entry plaza, picnic locations, lawns, playing fields, a promenade, a parade ground, an amphitheatre for performances and ceremonies and a donor recognition area. It will stretch over 7.5 acres and will be located between the main entrance to the base and the living quarters of the air force personnel. The Park will be a green oasis in the midst of the arid desert and will make a direct and meaningful improvement on the quality of life of those who are so crucial to the security and vitality of the Jewish State.

For the past decade, JNF’s efforts have focused on the water crisis in Israel. Israel continues to suffer through the worst drought in recorded history. Israeli families are facing severe water restrictions and quotas that affect their agriculture, economy and daily quality of life.

JNF has built 180 reservoirs and dams in Israel, and continues to help Israelis find alternate methods of recycling water for things such as irrigation, which can be extremely expensive.

The second phase of this project will entail building a series of seven environmentally sound water reclamation pools on Ramon Air Force Base to treat and purify the water that will irrigate the park. This project will have a direct impact on the quality of life for the defenders of Israel and their families.

You can make a donation or raise money through a personal webpage to help benefit the thousands of air force personnel, and their families, that live on the base. Personal pages are easy to create.

Customize your page by choosing from pre-written text about the project and then adding your own thoughts and feelings. You can even add photos to your page!

Use the Participant Center to send emails to your family and friends telling them why you’re raising money for this project.


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