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Sderot Indoor Recreation Center

Over the past few years, the Israeli communities on the border with Gaza have endured continual Kassam rocket attacks. These attacks are untargeted, and many have hit residences and schools, killing 11 citizens and hurting hundreds more. The city of Sderot, located on the border with Gaza, has been hardest hit — its children growing up in the shadow of violence, fear, and uncertainty. The town’s 3,000 children are forced to remain indoors all day rather than risk the chance that they won’t be able to reach a bomb shelter quickly enough during a rocket attack. Parents cannot send their children outside to play on a beautiful day. Soccer fields are no longer home to after-school games. There is no sound of laughter, cries, or any other usual childhood noise.

You can help! For your Mitzvah Project you can directly impact the lives of the children of Sderot and provide them with a safe place to play.

JNF has embarked on a massive project: building the largest indoor playground in Israel. The all-inclusive Indoor Recreation Center opened on March 10, 2009 to provide Sderot’s youth with a place to have fun, connect with friends, enjoy stimulating classes, and be children, beyond the conflict. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are playing and learning in an environment that is safe and secure. 

The 21,000 square-foot indoor recreation center is a $5 million project, featuring:

  • Recreational and exercise facilities for children ages 16 and under
  • Jungle gym equipment
  • Soccer field and volleyball court
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Snack area and gift shop
  • Movie and television area
  • Disco, swing sets and more
  • 3 therapy rooms to help children suffering from trauma

Support is still needed to purchase new equipment and to keep the center going for all the kids of the region.

You can make a donation or raise money through a personal webpage to help support this Indoor Recreation Center. Personal pages are easy to create.

Customize your page by choosing from pre-written text about the project and then adding your own thoughts and feelings. You can even add photos to your page!

Use the Participant Center to send emails to your family and friends telling them why you’re raising money for this project.


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