Innovation + Inspiration = Visible Change

Everyday technology is being developed that could solve many of the world’s challenges to preserve our natural resources. We have irrigation techniques that can bring food to the poorest, electric cars to reduce our dependence on oil and water reservoirs to turn sewage and seawater into usable water.

Many of these groundbreaking solutions already exist and are improving the quality of life for all of Israel’s residents. At the Summit we will highlight these Israeli innovations and other premiere global initiatives being put to use worldwide. Our goal is to bring together leaders, creators, and visionaries to discuss how we can move sustainability forward.

We need to scale these technologies so they become widespread and cost-effective. For this to happen, we must join in conversation and be proactive. The Summit will be a launching pad for a discussion on how these solutions can be implemented globally.

Who will be there?

Conscientious young world citizens, global influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists and visionaries.

About JNF

Jewish National Fund works closely with pioneers in innovation and suitability. A UN NGO, over the last 110 years, JNF has helped Israel become the leader it is today, by investing in the country’s first commercial solar field, planting 250 million trees and funding technology to help reuse 80% of Israel’s water resources, compared to less than 10% here at home in the U.S.

Why participate as a sponsor?

The Summit provides a unique showcase for sponsors to connect with a generation actively seeking new thinking on old problems.


  • Title Sponsor - $100,000
  • Sponsor the 'Bigger Than Borders' Sunday Dinner - $75,000
  • Sponsor the Saturday Night Entertainment - $50,000
  • Sponsor a session - $10,000
  • Sponsorship - $5,000
  • Emerging Leaders Sponsor - $2,500


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