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Bnai Mitzvah Travel

Make your simcha extra special with a ceremony and celebration in Israel.

Join a group tour or have JNF Travel & Tours plan a customized trip for you and your family. With over a century of experience as caretaker of the land of Israel, JNF has touched virtually every part of Israel. Our knowledge of Eretz Israel, its geography and ancient history, combined with our ability to plan a vacation that incorporates the right balance of fun and learning, gives JNF a unique perspective on touring Israel. Every trip is expertly planned by our exclusive travel agency, JNF Travel and Tours, and lets you experience first hand what JNF has accomplished in Israel, from planting a tree with your own hands, to meeting the people whose lives JNF has touched. And we have the experience to bring you there in safety and comfort with expert guides and theme-based tours.  JNF Travel and Tours can help you provide your children with a lifetime of memories and an experience that will strengthen their connection to Israel.

JNF Travel and Tours can plan a private family tour with a customized itinerary to suit your family’s needs. Whether it’s your child’s first or hundredth time visiting Israel, JNF Travel and Tours will plan the perfect tour and celebration based on your interests. We can connect you with a local Rabbi and help you find a community service program for your child, based on his or her interests. We can also help you choose a site for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony. For a more traditional location, you might choose sites such as Massada or the Kotel, or you may opt for an ancient synagogue in the Galilee or the Golan.  We have selected dozens of unique venues in Israel that can make for a memorable Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah. To make the day complete, we can design a “Save the Date” flier or brochure to send to your invited guests and family members.

We periodically offer group B’nai Mitzvah Tours for families. They include touring, private guides, airfare, hotels, B’nai Mitzvah service and celebration, and exciting activities for the whole family. Please continue to check the JNF Travel & Tours website for updated information!

Sample Tour Highlights

  • Experience the spirit of Jerusalem as you tour the Rabbinical Tunnels and visit the Western Wall
  • Visit the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv, Israel’s most cosmopolitan city
  • Tour the Golan Heights, the mystical city of Safed and Haifa
  • Tour Be’er Sheva, the capital of the Negev,  and visit new communities built by JNF
  • Enjoy a cable car ride to the top of Masada
  • Swim in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea
  • Take a solemn tour of Israel’s Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem
  • Visit the largest crater in the world, the Ramon Crater
  • Visit the Ayalon Institute, a secret military factory established by the Haganah in 1945
  • Participate in an archeological dig at Beit Guvrin
  • Take an exciting jeep ride in the world’s largest geological wonder, the Ramon Crater
  • Enjoy authentic Bedouin hospitality and entertainment
  • Kayak down the Jordan River
  • Take a camel ride in the Desert
  • And more!


  • B'nai Mitzvah ceremony at the Southern Wall in Old City Jerusalem or at the Synagogue located on Alexander Muss High school in Israel campus
  • B’nai Mitzvah celebration and dinner
  • $500 Gift certificate for B’nai Mitzvah child to the Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education
  • Your child’s name inscribed in the JNF Books of Honor (optional; not included)
  • Your child’s name inscribed on the JNF B’nai Mitzvah Wall (optional; not included)


  • The B’nai Mitzvah service takes place at the Southern Wall and lasts approximately 1.25 hours.
  • The service is in both Hebrew & English
  • Each B’nai Mitzvah child will be assigned one Torah Aliyah (including Torah Blessings) to prepare for the service. Upon registration, each family will be notified of the Aliyah the B’nai Mitzvah child is asked to prepare
  • Prior to the ceremony, the Rabbi will meet with the B’nai Mitzvah children to review the Torah Portion and assign each child a portion of the service to lead (child may choose between Hebrew and English)

For more information, please fill out a Travel Information Request Form or call us at (877) JNF – TOUR

Sample B’nai Mitzvah Tour 1 | Sample B’nai Mitzvah Tour 2

Invitations with a Mitzvah:

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding celebration is one of the most joyous occasions in your family’s history. JNF knows that you want this day to be meaningful and memorable. That’s why JNF offers you a variety of unique ways to celebrate this milestone. Please see a complete listing of our various B’nai Mitzvah programs below, or click on the link at your right to request a JNF B’nai Mitzvah Program Guide, free of charge. - more information

JNF and U: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects:

Jewish National Fund played a central role in establishing the State of Israel, so it is very appropriate to choose a JNF project for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. JNF is also the leading environmental agency in Israel, so if you’re interested in the environment, both here and in Israel, a JNF project is for you. JNF helps the people of Israel in many ways. You will receive a special JNF certificate at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah service for taking part in tikkun olam/service projects through JNF.Click here, and find inspiration to add meaning to your own Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration!


Call 1-877-JNF-TOUR


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